Dec 5, 2012

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Creating a Spin Off

With the Doorknob Society Saga ending with Book 5, I’ve been considering creating a spin off series. The word I’ve created with the saga is so vast and rich I always assumed I would create a spin off book or series. Now comes the hard part who and what should the series be about?

The cast of the Doorknob Society Saga is large and has so many unique and interesting characters. Some who have very large fan followings, I’m looking right at all you Edgar lovers on this one. But I also want to tell a good story and make it work in the universe I’ve created. Now to be honest I have already laid the ground work for another series of books. It was part of my plan from the start. But what character was going to be featured has changed since then. Now I find myself wondering which characters would best fit in a spin off and who could carry a book on their own. Let’s go over the choices shall we?

Edgar Magnus Mapmakers Union Teaser

Edgar Magnus, everyone’s favorite Mapmaker and one of the most popular characters in the series. He has also been featured in the DWP appearance of Doorknob Society and a cameo in the Spacepig Hamadeus comic book. He certainly has the fan base and with Val at his side the hi-jinks would ensue. He is a front runner for sure.

Jess Grimm, another popular favorite who has had one of the biggest story arc’s of any of the characters, from nemesis to best friend and confidant. Jess has more to deal with in the fourth book and is becoming one of the most complex personalities in the DS universe. It would also give me a chance to explore the Skeleton Key Guild more, which many fans have asked about.

Gavin Brimstone, the mysterious mentor of Chloe Masters. His back story is one of the most interesting things I’ve written that know one knows about. There is much more to Gavin than anyone suspects. I at some point would love to delve into him and really explore the character.

Bodie Masters, this is one I am interested in pursuing if not as a book than at least a series of short stories. To go back in time and see the Old Kind during the 1800’s would be so interesting. I think I might have to do something with this regardless. Plus a bonus is the amount of people asking about him grows each day.

There are of course other characters and there is nothing to say I can’t continue Chloe’s story. But for this little bit of fun I’m curious about everyone’s choice for the spin off. Leave a comment below.

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  1. This is SO HARD!! I’m leaning toward Gavin’s story BUT…..the apprenticeships that Jess and Edgar might go on to could be REALLLLLY interesting too. Now my brain just hurts….LOL!

  2. i would not mind if you could tell a little more about the night clhoe’s mother disappeanc

  3. Jessica Capps says:

    I loved all three books and can’t wait til more are released. I was shocked at the end of book three about Chloe’s father. Am eager to read more to see how that turns out. Really hope you write more on this saga. I think it would be great in a movie!!

    • The Detective Inspectors will be out in January. While the Cape Beanery Chronicles was just released and contains five shorts stories of different characters. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.


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