Oct 4, 2013

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Flash Fiction – Edgar Magnus and the Halloween Conundrum

Flash fiction is basically a very short story usually less than 500 words. I have wanted to do a few flash fictions set in the world of the Doorknob Society and I figured Halloween was the perfect time. So enjoy this quick stop and be sure to let me know in the comments if you’d like to see anymore characters in flash fiction stories. And if you just can’t get enough Edgar Magnus remember you can always check out his short story in The Cape Beanery Chronicles.

Flash fiction Edgar Magnus and the Halloween Conundrum

Edgar Magnus and the Halloween Conundrum


“I don’t understand,” Edgar said staring at himself in the full length mirror that sat opposite my bed.

He was dressed as he normally did except he wore his goggles down over his eyes, his tools still jangled from his belt while his satchel was slung over his shoulder bursting with Maps.

“It’s a costume,” I said.

“But Chloe, these are my regular clothes,” he said scratching his head.

“I know that and you know that, but they don’t.”

“Is that the trick?”

“No,” I shook my head as I adjusted my own clothes. I’d removed my ever present hoodie and replaced it with one of Jess’ more revealing bodices. I’d of course kept my t-shirt on underneath it. I wanted to look cool but not show off to much.

“I thought we were tricking people?” He asked.

“No, that’s only a saying.”

“Then why are we doing this?”

“Because it’ll be fun,” I said.

“I’m confused,” Edgar said.

“Don’t Old Kind celebrate Halloween?”

I asked as I tugged at the clothes that made me look like a cross between a western barmaid and a goth girl.

“Well yes, but not like regular people. We go from dimension to dimension doing scavenger hunts.”

“It’s similar than since we’ll be going door to door getting candy.”

“But why do they give candy to total strangers?”

“That’s the tradition,” I replied as I grabbed him by the shoulders and pointed him down the stairs.

“The tradition is to give strangely dressed children candy until they get sick?”

“Pretty much,” I said.

“Humans are very odd,” he said as we stopped by the front door.

“Are you guys ready?”

My sister Erin ran down the hallway her hair pulled up in a ponytail she was wearing green tights with a bow strapped over her shoulder. Her fake ears tapered off to a point and her makeup accentuated her high cheek bones.

“What are you supposed to be?” Edgar asked.

“I’m an elf, silly,” she said.

“Elves look completely different than that,” he said.


I threw a punch into Edgar’s shoulder and he winced in pain, grabbing his arm and rubbing it furiously.

“Well they do,” he murmured.

“Nothing sweetie, let’s go get some candy,” I said.

“Is everyone else coming?” Erin asked.

“Yes they’re meeting us at the Beanery.”

She skipped to the door pulling it open an raced out of the house and down the porch steps. I glanced toward Edgar who was pulling a small metal box from his satchel. The aura of Impossible Engineer energy vibrated around it.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“The correct term is, trick or treat, am I right?”

“Yes,” I said nervously.

“Well if they don’t give us candy this is the trick,” Edgar said with a smile as he walked out of the house.

“This should be interesting,” I said under my breath as I closed the door and hoped for the best.


Happy Halloween Everybody

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  1. Oh….what a tease. Wonder what Edgar has?

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