A glossary of terms used in the The Doorknob Society Saga. Anyone who thinks something needs to be added be sure to leave a comment and we’ll add it in..

Cartographer – A mapmaker

Chronicles – Ancient books that contain the true history of the Old Kind.

DI– Detective Inspector

Diesel Factories – The Factories as they are sometimes referred to sit on a nexus in time and space and have become a way station for all Old Kind. Numerous business’s are located in the area.

DS Manor – Doorknob Society Manor is located in a dimension wholly used by DS. It is and old English style manor with many secrets.

DS – Slang for the Doorknob Society

Dying Star Markets– A black market for all manner of devices used by the Old Kind.

First Kind – Most commonly used to refer to the break away Society members who now cal themselves First Kind. Also refers to the original holders of abilities who were the progenitors of the Old Kind.

Fixer – An Old Kind who is a cross between a mechanic and a Doctor who specializes in solving problems with peoples abilities.

Forget Me Not – An Impossible Engineer device used to alter the memories of another.

Gremlin Collar- An Impossible Engineer device used to gain control of Gremlins and bend them to their will.

Guilder – Slang referring to a member of the Skeleton Key Guild

HVO – Slang for the Honorable and Venerable Order of Detective Inspectors

In Between– The place between dimensions where one can become lost or stuck.

Lock Out – When a area or building is locked out from Old Kind being able to open a portal into or out of the area. Only already existing portals work in lock outs. (also referred to as a Lockdown)

Mapmakers Union Hall – Base dimension of the Mapmakers Union.

Old Kind – Refers to any person who has abilties used by the different Societies.

Paladin Academy – Old Kind training school, based in a dimension adjacent to Cape May, NJ.

Polymorph – An Old Kind who has the power to use the abilities of all the different Societies. They are greeted with suspicion by all other Old Kind.

Reliquary – An ancient way station said to have been the birthplace of the Old Kind.

Storm Reach Prison – A dimension operated by the HVO as a prison for Old Kind.

Tavern at the End of Time – A legendary Bar that rests outside of normal time and space existing at all moments at once. Incredibly dangerous to travel too.

Time Stamper – Impossible Engineers device used to stop time in a specific area for a set amount of minutes.

Wheel of the Impossible Engineers – The base dimension of the Impossible Engineers.




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