Dec 8, 2011

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Men of The Doorknob Society

Men of The Doorknob Society

Michael Slade of The Impossible Engineers

The Doorknob Society at its heart is the story of Chloe Masters, a strong and confident young woman trying to find her way in a new reality she doesn’t understand. But it does feature several male characters as well. Three of which we’ll highlight here.

Michael Slade, of The Impossible Engineers is one of the first Old Kind, Chloe encounters in The Doorknob Society. An upstanding and strong friend he does everything he can to help Chloe realize her goals. As an Impossible Engineer he is able to create unique and powerful devices that come in handy in bad situations.

Slade also makes and appearance in the DS short that will soon be published in Digital Webbing Presents on Comixology. He is also one of the main characters in the DS comic book series that is in the works. Which we will have more information on shortly.

James Nightshade, is a member of The Skeleton Key Guild and a major pain in the neck for Chloe. His motivations are unknown and he always seems to be working on his own agenda. His Guild also happens to be the main antagonist of DS, which makes for a very complicated relationship between Chloe and James.

Nightshade makes a cameo in the DWP short story and will also be a regular character in the comic book series.

James Nightshade of The Skeleton Key Guild

Edgar Magnus, of The Mapmakers Union is the youngest and one of the most talented of Chloe’s friends. the youngest person to ever declare for a society he has exemplary skills at crafting maps that can transverse dimensions and get you almost anywhere. His skill comes in handy more than a few times.

The pin ups are done by Wendell Cavalcanti who is the artist on The Doorknob Society comic book and the DWP short. We hope to have the colored versions up shortly for everyone to check out.

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  1. Why no picture of Edgar?

  2. I’m working on that! Should have something for him soon.

  3. I can’t wait!

  4. Donna Fletcher says:

    I love the characters but I do have favorites… Nightshade and Edgar being two of them.

    You wonder what’s up with Nightshade at first and then when you begin to learn more about him, he becomes all the more intriguing.

    Edgar is unique! I just love him. 🙂

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