Feb 12, 2012

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Welcome to the Doorknob Society

Welcome to the Doorknob Society

Sitting in the Cape Beanery looking out the window at Cape May and thinking about the first time I laid eyes on the Doorknob Society handbook. I never knew how much that thing would change my life. If I knew now what I knew then things would have turned out so much different, but for better or worse this is how things are now.

I love my life and my friends but I also know that so much happened when I first learned about who and what I was that I can never go back to the life I had before. It may have been odd by most peoples standards, following my dad around the globe with his magic act, always being on the move and never really having time for friends.

it’s all different now, the Doorknob Society changed everything for me. I’ve met strange and wonderful people, some I would trust with my life and others i’m not sure if I can trust at all. But I wouldn’t change any of it.

Chloe Masters

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  1. I <3 Chloe!!!!

  2. Carolynne Williams-Murphy says:

    I absolutely loved the book! Chloe, Slade, Nightshade, Edgar and Jess ROCK!! I didn’t want the book to end!! More Please!

  3. Glad you liked it and there is more on the way soon! April to be exact.

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