Oct 11, 2012

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The Doorknob Society is coming to comics

The Doorknob Society is coming to comics

The Doorknob Society has been realized in many formats: Novels, shorts stories, shirt films (oops shh you didn’t hear that), and now comics. I’m proud to say it is returning to one of my favorite and that is comic books. I’d mention in an earlier post that Chloe Masters and her friends would be appearing in Digital Webbing Presents issue #7. The book was released, November 7th. So make sure to pick up an all new adventure of Chloe and her friends.

The Doorknob Society DWP comics cover

This is a completely original story that will bring to life some of the places that fans of The Doorknob Society have been anxious to behold. Including the Paladin Academy and The Diesel Factories, not to mention seeing Chloe, Slade and Edgar. Yes, Nightshade does have a part to play as well.

The creative team I worked with was tremendous, Wendell Cavalcanti, Eric Dotson, Laura Ruggerio and Donovan Yaciuk. They all did spectacular work and made the Doorknob Society come alive in a new way. Don’t think this is the end of DS in comics either. We have more on the way with a short from myself and DeAndre Trusedale , not to mention something much bigger coming soon.

 The Doorknob Society on Comixology!

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