Nov 21, 2012

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The Genius of Edgar Magnus

When talking to fans about the Doorknob Society Saga, I continue to hear about their favorite characters. Which of course leads to the genius of Edgar Magnus. Being the youngest Mapmaker in generations and quite possibly one of the most brilliant men in the universe is something that comes naturally to Edgar. Unlike interpersonal skills and the ability to act or speak like a normal person.

Book 3 of the Doorknob Society Saga

Edgar has his moments in each of the books but he truly shines in The Mapmakers Union. When he is the one friend that Chloe can trust when the others all seem to be leaving her behind. Edgar is by far one of the most fun characters to write with his witty remarks and ability to cut to the quick of any given situation. He is also the one I consistently get told people would like to be friends with in real life.

Teaser for Book 3 of The Doorknob Society Saga

Edgar was also featured in the comic book release of DWP #7 and will be in the on going series that is forthcoming. Which I will be posting about shortly. Edgar will also be featured in a few of the short stories in the upcoming novella of shorts, The Cape Beanery Chronicles, which I hope to have released before the new year.

One thing is clear no matter what medium Edgar Magnus appears in his fans are sure to follow and enjoy his continuing genius for years to come.

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