Dec 23, 2012

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Steampunk or Dieselpunk?

Steampunk and Dieselpunk? For many it is a question of taste, which do you enjoy more Steampunk or Dieslpunk. I tend to like both and don’t think the differences between them are so great that they can’t be blended together. Both are an integral element of the Doorknob Society Saga. The Steampunk genre is still evolving with numerous writers creating interesting and complex worlds, be it in Victorian England or in inter-dimensional worlds like the Doorknob Society. Continued below gallery…

Dieselpunk is a less heralded sub genre but no less fun with it’s rockabilly sensibilities and ruggedness. I think it has great capabilities and to be honest. James Nightshade is so completely Dieselpunk it is undeniable. But to be able to bring them together and make something wholly unique was a challenge I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

The Impossible Engineers are a unique mix of Steampunk mechanics and Dieselpunk gearheads. As evidenced by Slade and his ability to work on everything from Doorknobs to jet packs But all Old Kind use Steampunk or Dieselpunk technology such as Edgar Magnus with his ever present goggles that seem to be attached to his head. Then there is of course James Nightshade and his Hudson Hornet that can be used for inter-dimensional travel. Which of course he got working with an assist from the Impossible Engineers.

I’m lucky enough to also have the comic book version of the Doorknob Society which is how I am able to share some of these wonderful visuals that my art team has done. I think I may have to do a post on just the very cool artwork being done for the upcoming graphic novel.

The Doorknob Society offers a nice blend of both genre’s with its own take on both. I for one feel there is no need to choose between either style and that’s why I blended them like I have with the Doorknob Society Saga. Then again this of course doesn’t even begin to address things like the Atomic Punk and it just so happens I have a story for that genre, The Incredible Atomic Girl. But that’s a blog for another day.

Let’s here your thoughts below, Steampunk or Dieselpunk?

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  1. Mmm.. Don’t want to mince words; but: been kicking this around for a bit, and diesel fuel is the most likely catalyst for making steam.. Aside from kerosene (a byproduct of making gasoline or vice versa as it was back in the day) or coal which is entirely inconvenient for many purposes, tho granted it is the reason why some designs have to be extra large. So in effect, my only point being there is less distinction between the factions except as a plot device as required for the relevant devised universe and applicable methodologies of application.. (Just saying).

    • Agreed it has far more to do with plot and sensibilities than anything else. It is like choosing between a massive steam powered locomotive or a smooth lines diesel fueled car. Which ever one appeals to you more will be the one you gravitate towards.

      Thought I like the methodology point as well.

  2. When is the new book coming out? I’m am dying!! Its jan 4th I know you said mid but whats the date?? I can’t wait I want ro know what happens soooo bad!!!

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