Feb 23, 2014

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Doorknob Society Comic Book

Doorknob Society Comic Book

With work proceeding on the Doorknob Society comic book, I wanted to share the link to the short story that started it all. A few years ago this 10 page short appeared in Digital Webbing Presents, its now available on Amazon. This short takes place while the characters are still attending the Paladin Academy and includes favorites such as Edgar Magnus, Michael Slade and James Nightshade. I’m working on another comic book short that I hope to have available by this summer. That will include a peek into the Cape Beanery and will have a guest appearance by Val Hobson.

Doorknob Society comic book

Meanwhile work is chugging along on the forthcoming graphic novel. With the team of Wendell Cavalcanti, Donovan Yaciuk, Eric Dotson and myself contributing to making a fun and creative story for everyone to enjoy. I’ve shared a updates before but here once again is a little preview for you all to savor.

Comic book updates including the Doorknob Society

Comic Book Update, James Nightshade of the Skeleton Key Guild.
Doorknob Society panel of the Diesel factories

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