Oct 19, 2014

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Research and Settings

Research is both a blessing and a curse for me. I do love do to dig in and research a subject I am going to be writing about. Though I must admit it is rather hard to find materials on ray guns and fully functional jetpacks. But for every fantastical element I need to create, there are several things which I need to research to get right.

Settings is one of the most important aspect of a story and I enjoy placing mine in places I can relate too. So even though the Doorknob Society Saga has spectacular dimensions like the Diesel Factories, setting a good deal of the plot in Cape May was a something that could ground the story. Cape May is a lovely place with wonderful Victorian architecture, where many of the places I describe in the books actual exist. Yes Nightshades house is very real and I have slept there. Though I am still searching for the door to his garage, which I assume is hidden from anyone who isn’t Old Kind.

I’ve been visiting Cape May for years and always wanted to set a story there. It seemed like such a perfect fit for the Doorknob Society and I was right. The setting worked seamlessly with the characters and became and important element of the series. My familiarity with the setting helped in my writing but my research was invaluable. A good deal of the research I do never see’s the light of day or becomes a throw away line in a book. But it is also something that adds weight to the story and characters.

When Chloe is describing her families home she talks about the pirates of Cape May. Numerous pirates had used Cape May as a safe haven and there are still rumors of pirate gold being buried along its beaches. She also mentions a fire consuming the house at one time, she is describing the fire of 1878 that ravaged Cape May.  A simple thing but something that added to the reality of the setting.

Now working on my new series I am once again embroiled in research for settings and other strange and interesting things. But the range of settings is  as intriguing as ever; Manhattan in 1946, Ancient Rome and London in 1891. Hopefully these settings will be just as interesting.


Working on the novella this evening. I’m making good progress and should be done soon. #novella #steampunkismything #steampunk #steampunkwriters #instawriters #instaauthor #authorgram #writerlife #writerslife #writersofinstagram #lifeofawriter #writeeverydamnday #writeon #authorsofinstagram #paranormal #zombies

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