Nov 12, 2014

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Who are the Darksiders?

Who are the Darksiders? A very short yet memorable appearance at the end of A Conclave of Shadows has had fans asking me for more information on this group. While I can’t reveal everything about them, they are after all in the final book of the series, The Order of the Fallen, I can give you a bit more information.

A man stepped out, his skin white, almost ghostly, next to black clothes that hugged his taut body. Jet black hair was cut close to his head and his eyes were the color of fresh spilled blood. He glanced around the room and whenever his eyes fell on someone, they turned away from him.

“I’m Joseph Quell of The Darksiders and I answer the call of the Conclave.” He nodded to Mrs. Grey, and then stood silently waiting.

Perhaps most important they are not a lost race of the Old Kind. They are much like has been revealed about Merric (keeping it quiet so as not to spoil anything for readers who haven’t gotten that far), something else entirely. The universe of the Old Kind is filled with numerous races that have abilities or powers as some would say. I always liked to drop hints about that throughout the series. The Hellions are another example of a race of beings who are not Old Kind, yet have unique powers. 

Who are the Darksiders? Grimm Chronicles, MJ Fletcher

The Darksiders are going to feature in the next book and I do have a few story ideas about them outside of that as well. They do have gifts and yes some striking similarities to beings of myth and legend. Which ones I would leave to your imagination until the next book and you’re more able to fully understand them.

I will say Joseph Quell has a very interesting story some of which will be explored further in the next book. I am so not done with this character yet. He also already has some connections to characters you will recognize, remember that. Perhaps if I keep having people ask me about them I will do a short story or novella on them. Let me know what you think below.


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