Dec 21, 2014

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Winter, oh how I love you.

Winter is here! With the winter solstice upon us we now kick off one of my favorite times of year. I must admit I enjoy all the seasons for one reason or another. It is why I like living in an area that experiences all of them in equal measure. My time spent living in Southern California felt as though I was experiencing another planet. To see people walking around in shorts at Christmas time seemed unnatural.

Winter time

I’ve always had an affinity for winter, perhaps it is because I am a winter baby or that I just relish the cold. Or maybe it is because I love to set stories in cold and snowy landscapes. Setting the Doorknob Society in Cape May was wonderful fun because I love the area so much. But to have some of my favorite characters walking around in the snow swept streets as they step out of the Cape Beanery. It always sent a little thrill of joy through me.

It also won’t be the last time I have such a snow bound setting. Each year I of course do my Christmas story for Doorknob Society fans. But I am also working on the World of Four Corners series and a few others. Each with their own little snow drifts to play in. So get warm and cozy people its going to be snowing out.

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