Mar 13, 2015

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Doorknob Society Update

I wanted to give everyone a Doorknob Society Update. Though the initial series the Doorknob Society Saga was completed with, The Skeleton Key Guild. I’ve been working away on its successor the Grimm Chronicles with The League of Skull & Bones and A Conclave of Shadows. I’m also working on the final book in the series, Order of the Fallen.

While also putting out the novellas; Cape Beanery Chronicles, The Victorian Express and A Candlestick Christmas. I intend to add to those novellas as time goes by with more stories of Chloe Masters and her friends. Including the long awaited Rings of Hercules and an, Edgar Magnus and the Mapmakers centric novella.

Chloe Masters Doorknob Society Comic Book

As for the long in development comic book, it is still in process. I’m currently having the first issue finished being colored and lettered while we search for someone to take on the next two issues art chores. For those interested you can always pick up the Doorknob Society comic book short I did a while back.

I was also thinking of doing a new casting the Doorknob Society post, since the last one was such a big hit. Perhaps I’ll add the characters from the Grimm Chronicles as well. Let me know what you think below and if you have any DS questions or comments for me.

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  1. I loved the comic I want more!

    • Issue one of the series is being wrapped up. Once I have a reliable artist for the following two issues I will update about it. I may also be doing another short soon.

    • Firstly thank you for a marvellous series of books. A thought though, if Gavin, nightshade and Chloe worked together using their abilities as polymorphs would they not eventually discover the lost guilds powers and even be able to reinvent for want of a better word the lost guilds?

      • Being Polymorph’s they do have the powers of the Lost Societies. They simply don’t realize or know what they are to use them. But if they were to come in contact with a device that could focus those powers, as Doorknobs and Skeleton Keys do. That would certainly change things.
        It might also be something I have in mind for a future story. 🙂

  2. Do you know when The Order of The Fallen will be done? I have read all the books in the series and want to read this one also. Thank you

    • I’m currently working on book 2 of my new series. Once I’ve completed that I am writing Order of the Fallen. I should have a better idea over the summer of when it will be ready. I will be sure to post about it.

  3. When will ” The Rings of Hercules” be out?? I’ve read all 5 books in the series and all the novellas! Actually think they would make terrific movies as well. Thank you for writing them I look forward to the continuation of the series!

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