Aug 22, 2015

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Who is Starlord’s Father?

I figured out who Starlord’s father is, hold on and follow along this is where it gets complicated.


We know from Captain America: The First Avenger that Clara traveled in time meeting Bucky and a pre-Captain America, Steve Rogers. She went on a double date with them to see Howard Stark at the expo.

jenna-coleman-captain-america Starlord's father Mj Fletcher

We don’t know why Clara and the Doctor traveled to this time period. Perhaps to meet Howard Stark or Captain America and Winter Soldier.

doctor-who Starlord's father MJ Fletcher


Thought it is interesting to note, The Doctor is known for dealing with numerous robotic or synthetic races. Maybe he was there to help the very first Synthetic Man, better known as the Human Torch.

human torch

Regardless what most people don’t realize is that Starlord’s mom was also in Captain America: The First Avenger. She was the fangirl asking Steve for his autograph. So either Starlord’s mom is super old or she traveled through time. We know that Clara and the Doctor have traveled to this time period and already met Captain America. It isn’t much of leap to think the Doctor returned at some point perhaps bringing Starlord’s mom to meet her hero Captain America.


On her death bed she tells Starlord his dad will come for him and one other important fact. That “he was an angel, composed of pure light”. Well who does that sound like?

A regenerating Doctor, thats who. Could the Doctor in fact be Starlord’s father? Now try and keep up this is where it gets timey wimey.


At some point the Doctor becomes aware of the fact he has a son. So being that he is a busy sort of fellow he hires Yondu Undonta to pick him up for him. Yondu of course can’t stand the Doctor as he thinks he is a jackass. Honestly can anyone imagine those men getting along?



Seriously what type of father would forget about his kid entirely for that long a period of time?


Starlord grows up and like his dad finds himself getting in all sorts of trouble. Getting mixed up with infinity stones and Thanos.



During his fight with Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy, Starlord is able to hold the infinity stone. Which earlier in the movie we see destroy the Collectors servant. Yet Peter survives due to his lineage.


Later we learn from Nova Prime that in fact Starlord is only half human. While he is also something, “very ancient that they haven’t seen before”. Well who does that sound like?



There you have it folks, The Doctor is the father of Starlord.

Thoughts and comments?


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