Sep 30, 2015

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Dieselpunk and The Doorknob Society

Dieselpunk has always been a part of the Doorknob Society Saga, from Nightshade’s car down to the Diesel Factories. I crafted this world to straddle the things I enjoyed and loved in many genres. Steampunk was always the center of this weird and wonderful world of the Old Kind, but dieselpunk always seemed to creep in as well.┬áLike some little brother who can’t stay away.

Dieselpunk, MJ Fletcher
Something about the design of it has always spoken to me. The roughness and rawness of its appeal, I adore steampunk. But dieselpunk has a way of coming in and overpowering everything. My novella, The Victorian Express drew more from it than some of my other work.

Dieselpunk, steampunk, Skeleton Key Guild

James Nightshade and his modified Hudson Hornet.

Nightshade more than any of the other characters form the series is steeped in both worlds, steam and diesel. With his fascination with diesel powered cars and leather jackets. He would fit in well in a dieselpunk story of his own.

But I have to say I think I have a longer dieselpunk book in my future. Maybe sooner than expected. What do you think, should I do a dieselpunk book, let me know in the comments?

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