Dec 19, 2012

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Spin Off

In the recent blog post creating a spin off, I discussed the character possibilities. The Universe I’ve created for the Doorknob Society is vast and full of wonder. I always planned on writing other stories and have several ideas in mind for just that purpose. But as I’ve been writing the fifth and final book in the saga one character has stood out. This person has seen an interesting and complex story arc over the course of the five books and will be the one getting their own series.

Who will be in the spin off?

Who will it be?

Now I’m sure you’re wondering just who the character maybe. But I can’t reveal that until Book 5 is released as I don’t want to give anything away. Suffice to say this person will make it through the Doorknob Society Saga alive. Which I can’t say about all the characters. The only other clue I can give is that they’ve appeared in all the books so far. So let the guessing begin.

Who will it be?

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