Jan 23, 2013

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The Skeleton Key Guild

The Skeleton Key Guild, the final book in the Doorknob Society Saga, has its first draft completed and being edited. It has an anticipated release of May of this year, that is if we can avoid anymore super storms. I must say I am beyond thrilled with the response so far to the overall Saga.

The Skeleton Key Guild by MJ Fletcher, May 2013

I’ve been planning the events that will culminate in The Skeleton Key Guild for several years now. Sewing up the numerous story lines of the characters that we’ve all come to know and love. I will say now that not all of them will make it through the saga alive. Some of these story arcs have been planned from the start while others have unfolded as I wrote the novels. But many questions will be answered and story arcs will be fufilled. it is gratifying to see it all come together and I’m glad you’ve all joined me on this journey.

I am attempting to tie up everything I can to resolve any questions fans may have. But I also do have a few threads that I am interested in picking up somewhere down the road. The universe of the Old Kind is a place I intend to keep visiting.

With that in mind as the edits of book 5 continue I am also happy to let everyone know that work has begun on a follow up series.  As I discussed in and earlier blog post I’ve been planning on moving ahead with other characters.

I’ve been asked numerous times who will be the star of the new series. With each of the many characters getting love from the fans. Edgar Magnus already received his own short story in the novella of Doorknob Society shorts. The Cape Beanery Chronicles. There will be more shorts stories to come and even a novella for one main character that I’ve been planning called, The Victorian Express.

But for now let the guessing and hoping begin as to who will survive and who will get their own books. I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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  1. You have to keep Chloe & Nightshade alive and together. Together they can take on the world problems.

  2. But, I can’t wait till MAY!

    • LOL I write as quick as I can. 🙂

      • But see if you spin-off Nightshade without Chloe you would have a dead end because Nightshade can neeeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrr be with or love anyone else :). So keep them going on special missions. Or it’s Edgar’s turn to be the hero and love god.

  3. Dear Mr. Fletcher,
    My name is Emily and I am a junior in high school. I spent six months in the hospital last year and later found out I have an autoimmune disease. I get random bouts of sickness every few weeks and reading books and watching Netflix keeps me sane 🙂 I found your books through a random search on my Kindle, and I have not put them down since I read the Doorknob Society when I was sick last week. I just finished the the Mapmakers Union in two hours (instead of studying for social studies…) I was excited to move on to what I thought was the last book, but I realized there wasn’t a Skeleton Key Guild one. So here I am, frantically searching for the release date of that book because I could very well be done reading the HVO novel by tomorrow evening. So right now, I am thinking May cannot come fast enough. I get very attached to my favorite books, and so I have actually been praying the Nightshade was alive, and he HAS to end up with her!!! I want you to know what a fantastic author you are, and as I love writing stories myself, you are a role model and inspiration. I hope it won’t be long until the world finds out how amazing your books are. They could easily be a match to Harry Potter (and that’s saying something because I am a MAJOR Potterhead!) I would love the chance to meet you some day so I could tell you all of this in person and that you series has officially become my favorite books- and I have read a lot! I am rooting for Nightshade and Chloe!!!!!

    • Emily,

      Thank you very much for your note. I’m always glad to hear about people enjoying the books. I’m also happy the books were a nice distraction for you while you were sick and I hope you are feeling better.
      I hope you like The Detective Inspectors as much as the others and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. The Skeleton Key Guild is fully written and going through the editing stage now.
      I can’t wait for May to get here either as I want to know how people feel about the final installment.
      Make sure to keep writing your stories that is the best way to improve and learn.

      Best Regards,

        I just finished reading the Detective Inspectors and I have to say that it is probably my favorite of the series!!! Ever since you
        introduced the Forget-Me-Not device I was wondering about its relation to Chloe’s mother. And I think I squealed when Nightshade remembered Chloe in the battle with Darker. Oh! And I never ever expected Tower to be the head of the First Kind. I’m really excited to find out about the artifacts of DS and the Guild.

        I think it is really cool that you are able to personally respond to your readers… When your books become really popular, I’ll be able to say I was one of the original fans!!

        After you responded to my post, I went and added another chapter to one of my stories and outlined more ideas. Maybe someday I could get published? I know you’re probably busy, but if you ever had spare time and wanted to check out my story, I post it on a website called Wattpad:


        So, now I’m just gonna sit and wait till MAY!!!

        ~Emily C.

        • Emily,

          I love the chance to talk with my fans on here and on the facebook fan page. It is so much fun to get instant feedback on something that I’ve worked on for so long.

          I’m glad you liked Detective Inspectors so much, it was just as much of a joy to write. The Skeleton Key Guild has been a blast as well though it was hard getting through some of the sad scenes.

          The best thing to do is keep writing. I am sure if you work at it you will be able to get published.

          May will get here soon enough. Have you checked out the short story book or comic book? I am always posting here and on the fan page leaving little teasers.


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