Feb 13, 2013

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Doorknob Society Comic Book

Doorknob Society Comic Book

As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs I’ve been working on a Doorknob Society comic book for some time now. You all were able to get a small sample of what to expect in a Doorknob Society comic book when the characters appeared in DWP #7.

Well behind the scenes we’ve been working on the comic book version of Doorknob Society all this time. With art once again by the wonderful Wendell Cavalcanti who is currently drawing Blackacre for Image comics, I’ve also wrangled in Donovan Yaciuk who handled coloring duties on the DWP cover. And also does colors on the Adam Zero webcomic and has his own book in Spacepig Hamadeus. Which contains a cameo from the Doorknob Society I might add. At this point I am hoping to have the first issue finished by summer.

The story is completely original and does fall into the cannon of the Doorknob Society Saga. It contains all your favorite characters and a few new ones are added into the mix and for eagle eyed readers I did actually reference the comic book story in the books.

I will attempt to keep you as updated as possible on the progress of the book. But for now enjoy some penciled pages of the upcoming comic book.


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