Nov 19, 2014

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A Steampunk Detective and his Cowgirl Sidekick

A Steampunk detective and his cowgirl sidekick, that is the tag line I used when a friend asked me to describe my new series of Steampunk mystery novellas. Though it could as easily be Cowgirl and her steampunk detective sidekick. The story of Elizabeth James and Abraham Tiberius Bigelow has been rattling around in my brain for several years now,long before I wrote the Doorknob Society. I’ve kept coming back to it and tinkering here and there and now I’ve finally found the right mix that I wanted to go with and the first novella of the Bigelow Casebook will be arriving in the next few months.

This tends to lean more toward the steampunk genre than some of my other fair with a slight horror twist. Set in Manhattan in the late 1800’s, I had a wonderful time researching the story and setting. The New York of that time period was much different and had some wonderful things happening at the time. This was before the five boroughs had been incorporated into what today is known as New York City.

The two main characters of the novella are some of my favorite. Abraham Tiberius Bigelow is a genius of the highest order and a former member of the Knights of Electricity. A group of scientists that included Nikola Tesla, Professor Phinneus Gulf and more. While the strong minded and ace shot Elizabeth James was a member of Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show.

I hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I have. I will be sure to post a link as soon as it is available.

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