Oct 9, 2011

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Time for Shopping

Time for Shopping

I had to do some shopping today as it appears I burned out another doorknob, how was I suppose to know they couldn’t handle that much energy? Mrs. Flint was annoyed when I not only destroyed my training knob but took out three Paladin Academy doors in the process. I told her when you have and inter-dimensional tale you don’t really think about things like that.

My getting detention all next week makes me think she doesn’t agree. Anyway I took the opportunity to take a walk over to the Washington Street mall and hit up the shops. My favorite is Across the Way and of course I took a stroll to Hill Walk and through the Portico. I’m amazed at all the people walking around over there and not being able to see something that is right in front of them. Eddie just shrugs it off but I am always expecting to have someone say or do something when we disappear.

Hill Walk

I checked out a bunch of Doorknobs at the Arrowhead, I think Judd was about to give up on me when I activated one without even touching it. Made me whole day, even Eddie was impressed. I of course snatched it right up and can’t wait to start using it. Though I think Mrs. Flint is going to have me on restriction for a while. UGH!

Didn't even touch it yet it was glowing with energy!

I’m always fascinated with Skeleton Key Guild vessels and it seems they can be find all over the Arrowhead as well Cape May itself. Even out where the tourists can find them. Of course they’ve got know idea what they are seeing.

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