Jun 28, 2013

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Comic Book Updates

I’ve got some comic book updates for everyone. As many of you know besides my novels I write comic books and have even done a Doorknob Society short for Digital Webbing Presents. Well I’ve been busy getting a few other projects moving along and I figured I would do one big set of  comic book updates.

The Doorknob Society

Work is moving along nicely on the Doorknob Society comic. The first issue is penciled and and several pages have been inked, colored and lettered. The team is hard at work and we are doing our best to bring you the best comic book series for the Doorknob Society.

Comic book updates including the Doorknob Society

Adam Zero

Adam Zero has by far had the most work completed with several new issues only awaiting lettering before they are complete. The entire second story arc for Adam Zero is nearly complete and will be available very soon. The webcomic which has been dormant is also going to be returning with all new strips shortly. Which will of course include a ton of crossovers and cameos. Including the very cool Spacepig Hamadeus which I am happy to report Adam will be guest starring in an issue of  in 2014 called “Spacepig Hamadeus and the Geysers of Doom”!

Comic book update on Adam Zero

Marshal Tyme

Everyone’s favorite Time Marshal will be returning in 2014 with a new issue of his own series. Including stories with space monkeys and lost cities of gold. And as a bonus he may very well be showing up in a short story I am currently writing.

comic book update on Marshal Tyme

The Black Heron

Heron is planned to have a story in a anthology set for 2014. We’ll get to see a bit more of Heron’s world including the introduction of a new character Sparrow who is a favorite of mine.

Comic book update on the Black Heron

Battling Yank and a few other tidbits

Battling Yank was the backup feature set for issue 5 of Adam Zero but fell through at the last moment. Well that short and two others are completed and will be showing up in the near future. I am also working on bringing a few other comic book properties to light. Keep and eye out it is going to be and interesting couple of months.

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