Aug 14, 2013

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Adam Zero Webcomic

The reutrn of the Adam Zero webcomic.


The Adam Zero webcomic is going to be returning with chapter 3 kicking off where we left off last year. With the creative team of myself, Justin Shauf and Donovan Yaciuk, we’ve all been working hard to bring you a great webcomic.

We’ve got some great guest appearances and surprises coming your way. Spacepig Hamadeus continuing his guest spot along with Marshal Tyme, who people have been clamoring to meet Adam Zero since he was first introduced back in Adam Zero #1.

As an added bonus new issues of Adam Zero will soon be on sale from issue 6 – 12. Which includes the story arc ‘The Lost City of London’. Where the first appearance of Lyger happens though he has shown up in the webcomic and Adam Zero short in the Hero Initiative anthology. I am really looking forward to the new issues coming out so you guys can see some of the crazy new adventures we’ve created for you.

They’ll be made available on comixology and a few other places. I’m also working on having the traditional comic books for people who want to be old school. I should also have an announcement soon about the original issues of Adam Zero and a new publisher. So stay tuned.

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  1. May girl says:

    Are you still doing the Adam Zero comic?

    • Yes still working on, but comics take much longer to produce. So we try and build a back log to be able to have a long run of comics to add. More will be forthcoming, I will be sure to update when it is ready.

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