Sep 14, 2014

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Updates and stuff

Well summer has come to and end, so I figured I would do some updates and stuff for you all. It was a crazy summer and with the beginning of school for my daughter and trying to get a few things rolling with different writing projects. This going to be a long and informative post so buckle up.

The easy place to start is that I decided since I am already seeing some Christmas stuff in stores it would be a good time to work on the annual Christmas story for DS. As in years past with The Cape Beanery Chronicles and A Clockwork Christmas it will involve some of your favorite characters and will be available in time for the holiday. I can reveal the title and if you’ve been following me over on Instagram you’ve already seen it.

I’m working on a couple of novellas that I am very much enjoying writing. One of which is a follow up to The Victorian Express, while the other is a new story and world altogether. It is always fun to start something new and I think you will all get a thrill out of these new characters and adventures.

It is a steampunk story based in New York city in the 1890’s. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on that period while of course taking liberties with some steampunk elements that I adore, such as dirigibles and electric guns. I mean who doesn’t want to see people fighting on the side of dirigible while shooting electricity at one another?

After those few odds and ends are finished I will be jumping into my next series, Into the Never, which has been plotted out and I am anxious to get started. I have it planned as a three book series but do have an idea for a fourth so we’ll have to see how that all plays out.

The Grimm Chronicles final book is also on deck but will be completed once I have the first book from, Into the Never, finished.

Next update is all about my comic book work which unfortunately has been the one to suffer most from me being so busy with my books. The Adam Zero webcomic will begin updating again soon with the end of the latest chapter and an entirely new one starting after that. The webcomic will also be collected into a graphic novel for people to purchase.

The original series of Adam Zero comics will also be collected including the issues that haven’t been released yet. This will have the story arcs, The Lost City of London and Villains United. it’s so exciting to finally see these stories released and I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on them.

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