Nov 20, 2014

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Christmas Cheer and a New Novella

Christmas is nearly upon us! That can mean only one thing for fans of the Doorknob Society Saga, the annual Christmas story. I started this out rather simply with a Christmas tale in The Cape Beanery Chronicles and followed it up last year with the short story, A Clockwork Christmas. Now this year I am debuting the novella, A Candlestick Christmas.

With Christmas cheer in the air, Chloe Masters is on a new case and this time she is working alone. As she keeps her partner James Nightshade in the dark, she hunts down the elusive mastermind behind a series of robberies that have plagued the Old Kind this holiday season.

But the secret she is keeping from Nightshade may be too much for even their relationship to withstand. If she is correct about the identity of the thief, it could be the one person that can destroy Nightshade.

Will she find out the truth before it’s too late, or will Chloe have to say goodbye to Nightshade forever?

MJ Fletcher, A Candlestick Christmas, Doorknob Society Saga


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I’m very excited for everyone to get a chance to read this years Christmas story. While also getting to return to some of my favorite characters, so go cozy up in time for the holidays with Chloe and Nightshade, enjoy!

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  1. Is this the one where you mention Boston Metaphysical Society?

  2. YAY I can’t wait to read it!

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