Nov 4, 2014

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Nightshade vs Merric

Nightshade vs Merric, this is something that has been mentioned to me by several readers recently. Who do I like better Nightshade or Merric? That is quite a conundrum for me as I have always enjoyed both characters immensely. Considering that they are in different series and were never in direct competition for anyone’s affection like Slade. I would never have thought I would need to choose between them. But for the fun of it lets go over the two and see where that puts us.

James Nightshade, Merric Vale, The Grimm Chronicles

I much more accustomed to Nightshade vs Slade debates.

Nightshade- The bad boy or so he seems when we first meet him. Nightshade is the young man who is carrying around a great deal of pain. He will do anything for his friends and throughout the books is always looking out for Chloe. Even when she doesn’t think his, trust me go back and reread, he always had her best interest at heart. He also was wary of opening up to someone after what had happened during his other romance. I’m sure the good looks and two colored eyes didn’t hurt much either when it came to Chloe’s choice.

Merric- Is much more of a loner with serious distrust issues. Anyone who read A Conclave of Shadows can understand why that is. He is strong and very secretive about who and what he is, with a powerful dislike of the Old Kind. But if he does care about you he will do anything to help you. Even if it means risking the anonymity he so badly desires.

The idea of choosing between them is nearly as hard as choosing between Chloe and Jess. Both are very different and I enjoy each character for a variety of reasons. In the end I don’t know who I would choose, maybe this is something I will have to explore in the next Grimm Chronicles book.

I guess the real question is who would each of you choose? Let me know below.

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  1. That is such a tough choice but I think I would have to go with Merric! I love Nightshade but I would love to find myself with Merric in that ulra cool house of his!

    • Merric does have a very cool place. Though I have actually stayed in Nightshade’s house in Cape May. (Yes it is a real place, though I can never find the door to his garage)

  2. I fell so in love with Nightshade, just as Chloe did, so I would not be able to choose anyone else over him. As for Chloe and Jess, I would not be able to take a side.They are both pretty bad ass and just too awesome. I do love the relationships though, NIghtshade/Chloe and Merric/Jess, they cannot be more perfect.

    • I have a soft spot for both relationships as well. Nightshade has always gotten strong reactions either for or against. And you are are so right both girls are bad ass! I’ve often thought of writing a novella with Chloe and Jess off on and adventure together.

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