May 13, 2015

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Christmas story and other bits

My annual Christmas story for Doorknob Society is begging to be written. I know, it is getting hot out and summer is right around the corner. Yet I have been thinking of snowfalls and warm fireplaces in Cape May. But I have a conundrum, I’m going to be changing it up this year. I want to feature a different lead character from among the supporting cast. The question is who should it be?


The contenders are; Edgar, Slade, Erin, Bodie, Gavin or I am also willing to consider others. Let me know your choice in the comments below.

Edgar has of course gotten a short story in The Cape Beanery Chronicles. But I do have a fun story idea in mind for him. That could fit well with the Christmas theme.

Bodie did pop up in the Christmas tale, A Clockwork Christmas. But that was only briefly and I do have some ideas for him and his group of friends that I’ve yet to explore.

Erin is an interesting choice but since I believe in full disclosure, I have written a Halloween short story featuring her that will be out this fall. I’m looking forward to you all getting a chance to read it. Erin is a character I’ve to feature a bit more. As I have some interesting story ideas for her.

I may also have a Valentines story starring one of the above but that one I am keeping under wraps. That one could prove very interesting to say the least.

And don’t worry about Chloe and Nightshade they have another novella in the works as well. Plus we still need to know what happened to them at the end of A Conclave of Shadows?!?!

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  1. Maygirl says:

    I suppose it can’t be a Merric and Jess story. How about Val? I miss her and she is so funny.

    • Merric and Jess are going to be seen once again in Book 3 of Grimm Chronicles. Val is a good choice, I might need to do that.

  2. Hi!

    I am a huge fan of the DS series, and I TOTALLY love Chloe and Nightshade. I was wondering if you will be writing a whole ‘proper’ book about them and their life? Maybe a Valentine’s special? Let me know please!


    • Samantha,
      I’m finishing up the Grimm Chronicles now and I do have plans for something a bit longer for Chloe and Nightshade. I think you’ll be happy. 🙂


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