Jun 1, 2015

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The Lost Societies of DS

The Lost Societies of DS are probably the subject I get asked most about. For those that aren’t sure what I’m talking about, here is where it all began.

What we do know is that they created the five main groups that we know of today as The Doorknob Society, Mapmakers Union, Honorable and Venerable Order of Detective Inspectors, the Impossible Engineers and the Skeleton Key Guild, or what is also commonly referred to as the Old Kind. There were also three other orders that were created but have been lost to antiquity.  ~Excerpt from The Doorknob Society

Since that appeared in book 1, fans have been asking me if I was going to introduce the Lost Societies into the series. The short answer is yes, I’ve had a plan for the Lost Orders since I first mentioned them. I’ve also dropped clues about them throughout the books and novellas. Some obscure others I thought were massive sign posts. I know what each Society is and what powers they possess.

The Lost Societies of DS

Some have also asked if Merric Vale, or his kind is one of the Lost Societies. No, they are not. Much like Darksiders and the other races described in A Conclave of Shadows they are not related to Old Kind.

So fear not your questions about them will be answered in due time. Let me know your thoughts on the Lost Societies in the comments.


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