Feb 14, 2016

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day everyone, I hope you are warm and cozy with your favorite person. Or better yet with a good book, enjoying some reading time! Nothing like some alone time to really energize yourself.

Steampunk happy valentines day

If you’re looking for something to read might I suggest The Victorian Express. This is still one my personal favorites when it comes to the Doorknob Society Saga. Everything had been wrapped up and this was a fun way to share a Chloe and Nightshade story with all of you.

I have a Valentines day story or two I might be working on for Doorknob Society, though I can’t say who it will be featuring. It might not be who you’d expect. I do enjoy taking smaller characters and letting them have their moment in the spotlight. I think it might be time to feature some of the lesser known members of the Old Kind. Let me know who you’d like it to be or who you think it’ll be in the comments below. Have a happy Valentines┬áday!

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