Nov 16, 2016

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The Cartographer’s Compass Novella

The Cartographer’s Compass Novella is now available for purchase!

He’s been whispered about down through the ages, the Cartographer, the greatest of all Mapmakers. Now someone is on the trail of his secrets, but who?

Val Hobson is a mere human surrounded by friends who can do amazing things. Now it’s her turn to so something extraordinary and for good reason. She wants to get a special Christmas gift for the love of her life, Edgar Magnus, Mapmaker extraordinaire. She’s determined to make it happen even though Nightshade, Skeleton Key Guild member and boyfriend of her BFF Chloe Masters, warns her against it. She enlists the aid of Abigail Crowley, the thief, and things don’t go quite as planned. 

It’s a race to rescue a friend, escape a dimension, and find that gift before it’s too late for Val to return home for Christmas. But then friends, especially a boyfriend extraordinaire, would never leave her to do it all on her own. 

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