Feb 15, 2014

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The World of Four Corners

The World of Four Corners

I stood in knee high snow drifts, a bitter cold shook me to my core. The sounds of snapping wind and creatures howling in the distance made me jump. Something moved in the corner of my vision and I turned to see a beast the size of which I doubted could exist, striding forward. ┬áStark white fur was intercut by deep black stripes and a massive head that swept at the snowy ground sniffing. A rider sat atop the impressive white tiger, they were covered from head to toe in leather and furs. But they turned to look at me and when they caught my eye, a nervous shiver ran up my spine. The tiger raised its head and two long fangs jutted from it’s mouth down past it’s jaw, a saber tooth cat. Then suddenly they were off racing through the frozen tundra as wind and snow swept around them in a fury of motion. That was my first moment in the World Of Four Corners.

It came to me in a dream and has been an obsession of mine since that day. I’ve researched and written pages of information about this mysterious and otherworldly place. I have maps that detail each of the four corners and the people who populate them. I’ve a history of the divisions and wars that separate them.

The tribes of the North and the Thane’s of the South, the Frost Queen and her ritual of ascendance. Or the assassins guild of Amanpour, where if a person’s name is whispered it is rumored their next breath shall be their last. I enter the World of Four Corners every chance I can get. Slowly but surely this place becomes more a home for me, I find myself thinking about it often. Looking forward to one more chance to stand on the white barren tundra and stare down a Saber tooth cat, but this time I won’t be nervous, I’ll go along for the ride. And I intend to take all of you with me.

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