Dec 1, 2014

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Paranormal YA vs Science Fiction YA

Paranormal YA and science fiction YA have always sat side by side in the Doorknob Society Saga, but I’ve had a few people ask me if the books are one or the other. So I thought I would take a moment and share my thoughts with all of you.

Paranormal YA, MJ Fletcher, The Grimm Chronicles, A Conclave of Shadows

When someone mentions paranormal ya I tend to think of vampires, werewolves or magic. All of which are extremely fun and things I thoroughly enjoy. While science fiction YA to me is more about spaceships and aliens. For me the Doorknob Society has always rather straddled the line, it rests more in the steampunk genre I’ve always felt. But it does pull elements of both paranormal and science fiction. The abilities of the Old Kind are based mostly along scientific lines especially so with the Impossible Engineers.

Michael Slade of The Impossible Engineers

Yet there are numerous references to paranormal throughout the stories as well. Even more so with the new series The Grimm Chronicles, A Conclave of Shadows having very distinct analogues to paranormal characters in the Darksiders.

In the end I think both genres have a lot to offer and I enjoy writing them equally. So if you think the Doorknob Society Saga is more paranormal ya or science fiction ya, you’re right.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter below. Let me know if I missed anything.

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  1. I have always thought it was more paranormal. Something about the way they use their powers strikes me that way. Though I suppose I can see it from both sides.

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